Testicule-Flavored Beer... REALLY?

Apparently testicle-flavored beer exists and we have ONE question: Yay, or NAY? It takes a lot of balls to chug this.

Craft Beer flavors are maybe, possibly, definitely getting out of hand. One second, you're chucking over the Lucky Charms-themed IPA and Blockbuster Ale and the next, you're side-eyeing a testicle-flavored brew. Yep. Colorado-based Wynkoop and Iceland's Stedji have both created their own, um, balls beer, and we're honestly just wondering...who's drinking these?

Wynkoop Brewing Co.'s Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout all started as an April Fools joke, until people (apparently?) started actually liking it. Now the brand offers an annual limited release, so it's gotta have a fanbase. Roasted with barley, seven specialty grains, “steerian” golding hops, and obviously, bull testicles, the beer has a 7.2 ABV and a nice "meaty" flavor. Mmm. According to Best Products, the Denver-staple takes about six hours to brew and is stored for three to four weeks before it's served up.


Family-run Icelandic brewery, Stedji, has also been churning out their own *unique* and seasonal bottles. The all-natural, sugar-free beer, Hvalur, was created in 2012 in the town of Borgarfjordur, Travel and Leisure reports. The brew is not only created with whale testicle, but it's also smoked in sheep...excrement. Each batch uses one 15 to 18 pound testicle, so they're definitely not skimping you. You're welcome, I guess? Each winter, Stedji brews the flavor for their Thorri Festival in January and February, where they apparently "eat rotten (fermented) shark, sour (cured) whale fat, ram's testicles" like their ancestors, Stedji owner, Dagbjartur Ariliusson continued to Travel and Leisure.

 Sooooo... Would you try testicle-flavored beer? Who's down?


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