All You Need To Know About Turkish Coffee

Did you know you could read in coffee? See more below. 

But first of all... 

How to make the perfect Turkish Coffee

The recipe

Using a teaspoon, mix your finely ground coffee with cold water in a Turkish Coffee pot, gently until well combined. The ratio for a desired consistency is 1 Turkish coffee cup cold water and 2 teaspoons ground coffee. If you want your coffee sweet, add sugar along with coffee and water. Never add it after your coffee is cooked.

Place the coffee pot on low heat and let it cook for a while, stirring gently two or three times. When it is right about to boil and foams rise, remove it from heat. Using a teaspoon, share the foams into each Turkish coffee cup. Return to heat and remove when it boils. Pour the coffee into the cups.

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How to Make Turkish Coffee Without an ibrik

Ibrik or cezve is the ideal pot to make Turkish coffee. It is traditionally made of copper but stainless steel, ceramic or even glass pots are also common today. Don’t worry if you don’t have a traditional Turkish coffee cezve or ibrik. A small saucepan work fine as well.

Turkish Coffee Without Ibrik | Your Magic Mug


How to make Turkish coffee foam

Use freshly ground coffee. If your coffee is not fresh and sits in your pantry for months, it doesn’t foam. To keep your coffee fresh after you open the package, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Use cold filtered water. Never try to make it with warm or hot water.

Mix the coffee, water and sugar (if you are using any) in the pot gently until combined. Don’t mix it fast. Always treat your coffee kindly.

Cook your coffee on the lowest heat, stirring two or three times until it starts to rise. Never let it boil. Remove it right before it boils and share the foams into the cups, using a teaspoon.

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After reheating the coffee, pour it slowly into the cups so that the bubbles remain safe.

Bon appétit!


Did you know...

Why Is Turkish coffee Served with Water?

Turkish coffee is always served with a glass of water on the side. That is because you need to prepare your palate for the coffee. Traditionally you drink the water first and then the coffee to feel he maximum aroma of it. You can put a thin slice of apple or rose petal to give a subtle aroma to your water.

Turkish Coffee with Water | Your Magic Mug 

Turkish Coffee Reading

The ceremony doesn’t end even after you finish your coffee. Although it’s not necessary, most Turkish people place the saucer on top of the cup, make their wish and turn it upside down. It is left to cool. Sometimes a golden ring is placed on the top to make it cool faster. It is ready when the cup is cool enough. Whoever is talented in coffee reading gets the cup carefully and interprets the symbols in the cup. While most people do this just for fun, there are people who are known as the master of fortune telling. I’ve never tried to read it because the only things I see in the cups are no more than animal shapes. Lol!

Turkish Coffee Reading | Your Magic Mug


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