How to make a Turkish coffee as if you were in Turkey

What’s Turkish coffee

The first thing we need to clarify is that Turkey doesn’t have its own coffee beans. Arabic coffee beans are finely ground and used for Turkish coffee making. It’s more of cooking rather than brewing. While the term Turkish coffee refers to the preparing method of coffee, I must tell you that it doesn’t look like your regular coffee beans. It is so finely ground that you might think it is cocoa powder when you first see it. The ground coffee is combined with water and sugar (optional) in a special coffee pot called cezve or ibrik and simmered over the lowest heat or traditionally on hot sand.

You end up with a thick and frothy coffee which has a strong aroma. It is served in traditional small coffee cups with a lot of foams on the top. It is significant to be able to have enough amount of foams, which shows how much you know the art of coffee making.

Turkish Coffee | Your Magic Mug
Image: Lonely Planet

Here's the recipe!


  • 2 Turkish coffee cups water
  • 4 teaspoons Turkish coffee
  • 1 cube sugar (see the note below)


1. Put water, coffee and sugar in the coffee pot together. Place it on the lowest heat and stir the coffee continually to have a lot of foams until it boils. While doing it, be careful not to overflow it on your oven.

2. When it is right about to boil and starts to rise, remove from the heat. Transfer the coffee foam into the Turkish coffee cups evenly using a teaspoon. Put it back over the heat and reheat the remaining coffee for about 10 seconds or until it boils and pour it into the coffee cups.

3. Serve it with water on the side.

4. If you like, you can also serve some chocolate or Turkish delight on a small plate to complete your service.

5. Enjoy

There are some tips for making your coffee both with enough foams on the top and with the desired consistency. Read here.

Recipe: Zerrin from GiveRecipe
Cover picture: MyRecipe

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