Drink Coffee And Become As Immortal as Mr. Burns... or Almost!

In addition to giving you energy and having incredible health effects, coffee has a side effect that you may not know about: anti-aging. According to recent studies, coffee will invariably prolong your life!

And it's just wonderful! Immortal as Mr. Burns or even better, a vampire? Yes please!

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A TIME study found that "the more people took caffeine, the more they were protected against a chronic inflammatory condition." The study compared blood samples of a group of 100 persons from different age groups, young and old. They found that among them, those who drank an average of five cups of coffee a day in the elderly, had a much lower activity in cell aging and showed extremely low levels of activity in the inflammatory gene pathway.

So there you have it, five cups of coffee a day will keep... the botox away! 😂😂😂... Or will keep the Crypt Keeper in your mirror away. 😈 😈 😈 

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