Coffee Soda Is All You Need For The Hot Days

By Emma Chapman

If you like iced coffee, then you will probably love coffee soda. I know I do! With the weather staying hot lately, I’ve been back on the coffee soda train and I just felt like maybe it deserved its own post. 🙂 This is a super easy recipe—just two ingredients!

Coffee Soda Recipe - Your Magic Mug     

And for anyone who hasn’t tried a version of coffee soda yet, let me tell you what I like about it:

 - It’s cold. Obviously, this is a major plus in the summer months.   

- It’s refreshing. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for bubbles/sparkling water. I especially love it when my stomach feels a little off (like PMS or a hangover—just being honest!).

- It’s elevated coffee. I love coffee and drink it almost every day. So I love an option that makes my coffee routine extra special without necessarily adding extra calories or sugars.

 Coffee Soda Recipe - Your Magic Mug   

The most important part of coffee soda is the coffee. Cold brew is best here. I am personally still loving my Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Coffee Maker, but another good option is a cold brew toddy. Cold brew is best here not only because it will be a better quality (since we’ll be serving it on ice) but you’ll want a very strong coffee since we’ll essentially be “watering it down” with the sparkling water/soda.      

Since we’re all friends here, though, I must confess that I do sometimes just save leftover hot coffee in a sealed container in my refrigerator to use in coffee soda, too. Waste not, want not. It’s still very good, but cold brew is better (usually stronger too).       

Coffee Soda - Your Magic Mug 

Simply combine the cold brew coffee with club soda, sparkling water, or a ginger beer. I tend to use flavored sparkling waters and my favorite combinations lately are lime or cherry with coffee. I personally don’t love the coconut flavor but I could see it actually being quite good here. So if anyone tries that, let me know! xo. Emma      


Coffee Soda

Servings 1

1 part cold brew coffee
2 parts sparkling water

Fill a tall glass with ice. Then pour in the cold brew coffee and sparkling water.

Recipe Notes
You can use flavored sparkling water.   

Will you try it? Yummy!   

Source: A beautiful Mess.   

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